Game Descriptions

Games Descriptions
Beat the Pro: Gross score minus full handicap vs. pro score with no handicap.
Crier’s Tournament: Replace each of your worst 3 hole’s scores with Par for those holes and deduct 50% of your handicap from score.
Even Holes: Total of all even holes less 50% of handicap.
Fewest Putts: Game score is total putts taken. Only strokes madeon the shortest green surface count. Do not count strokes if putter is used off of the green.
Hate’em: Before play select two holes that are not to be added to your total score. Game score is the total of the 7 remaining holes less your full handicap.
If Only: Total gross score, subtract one worst hole score, then subtract full handicap from score.
Odd Holes: Total of all odd holes less 50% of handicap.
Par 4’s: Total of all Par 4 holes less 50% of handicap.
Par 3’s: Total gross score and then add in the total of all Par 3’s again to total game score.
Points: Use pops on each hole for net score. Player is awarded 1 point for each net par, 2 points for each net birdie, 4 points for each net eagle and 8 points for a net double eagle.
Stableford: Players are awarded points for gross scores. 4 points for Chip-ins; 3 points for Birdies; 2 points for Par; and 1 point for Bogey.
T’s and F’s: Total of all holes beginning with a T or F…less 50% of handicap.
3 Clubs + a Putter (total of 4): Only 4 total clubs are permitted in the bag (including the putter).